The MVP Model: How To Get Started

The MVP model solves the question: how do you get started when there’s so much you need to know?

Analysis Paralysis

Everyone has dreams of starting or learning something new. But few follow up on those dreams.

One common reason is analysis paralysis. Even for something as simple as cooking or weightlifting, there are so many different options and information sources. It’s impossible to read them all, and how do you know which information is correct? How do you find out the best way to do something? Is it worth doing at all, if you’re not doing it right?

Spending too long figuring out how to do stuff will prevent you from doing it at all. But most things have simple openings to get started, if you think about it. “Cooking” sounds a lot more intimidating than what is actually is: cooking food. “Weightlifting” sounds a lot more intimidating than lifting weights.

To get started, you need to create an MVP.

What’s An MVP?

Software development has a concept called the Minimum Viable Product, or MVP. The MVP is a product that has just the minimum features required to be viable, i.e. just enough features to actually be a thing worth using.

When developing software with the MVP model, you create a product that has the bare necessities covered. An MVP has no need for fancy design, or even a logo. An MVP might be 100% text-based. There will be no custom options, profile pages, or APIs.

Simplified to the extreme, a Minimum Viable Product has the following characteristics:

  • It starts up reliably
  • It does at least one thing

This model launched everything from Google to Snapchat.

The MVP Model: Minimum Viable Projects

Let’s take the MVP model for software and tweak it slightly, for things outside that. Approach new pursuits as Minimum Viable Projects. Get started with the bare minimum.

What does it take to make a minimum viable project? Same as for software:

  • Start up
  • Do something

It’s that simple. Nothing provides more momentum than going from zero to one. All the rest comes later.

Stop reading and start doing.

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