Creating Vs. Destroying

Every day gives YOU a chance to create or destroy. Be a producer or a consumer. What type of person do you want to be?

Every Day Brings Change

Change happens every day, whether you want it to or not. Every day gives you an opportunity to influence this change, but you have to seize it.

If you do nothing in any given day, change still happened. It was just negative change. You got weaker, or slower; fatter, or lazier; dumber, or less productive.

This change is positive: creation – or negative: destruction.

Producing Vs. Consuming

We live in a society that pushes us towards consumption. Watching TV, watching sports, reading the news, eating pre-cooked meals – all of these are consumption. Advertising and societal messaging push us to MORE. This is how the economy grows – did people consume more this year? Investors stress about “consumer confidence” – ironically, what they really want is an un-confident public, that will consume more to fill a void of emptiness.

Why did the iPhone succeed so explosively? Because it was the greatest consumption device the world had ever seen. A big ol’ screen – bigger than any phone seen until then – and no keyboard. The people creating for the iPhone had keyboards, though – coders, writers, musicians, videographers.

Meanwhile, the successful produce every day. Business leaders literally produce goods and services through their companies. Artists produce art. Writers write. Athletes produce wins, losses, points, goals, and assists. Every day.

Production brings freedom. People who produce are either at the top of the hierarchy, or they have freedom. Anybody producing content, or new thought, has many more people consuming their content. Anybody producing goods and services has many more people buying them – or at least is free of working for someone else.

Bias yourself towards production.

Creating Vs. Destroying

Producing is creating; consuming is destroying.

Anybody productive is creating something new every day. Writing builds mental clarity, and creates content for the world. Manufacturing creates new products to help people. Thoughts and services create solutions for people’s problems.

Consumption is destruction. Nothing new is created. Consume other people’s goods, and you destroy them – think of a meal, or a drink, or anything with a limited shelf life. Even if nothing physical is destroyed, something is destroyed inside the consumer. Every narrative and outside message consumed destroys the spark of internal, original thought.

Be A Creator

There is nothing wrong with consuming – most people hustling do it so they can enjoy “the finer things in life”. Most people want a bigger house, faster car, nicer food, better experiences. But production should dominate consumption in your life. Creation should dominate destruction.

I’m not a big fan, but Tyler, The Creator knows this so well he put it in his name. He is constantly biased towards creation – songs, beats, TV shows, artwork, comedy, clothing – and has created a cult empire as a result.

How do you create more, and consume less?

  • Produce something:
    Write, draw, build a business, make something, anything
  • Watch less TV:
    The purest form of consumption – you barely use your brain
  • Exercise:
    Build muscle, build fitness – fight the destruction of your body
  • Read:
    Reading is consumption, but the best kind – as you engage with quality material, you build new thoughts and ideas.
  • Think for yourself:
    Uncritically accepting other people’s thoughts and stories destroys your mind. The “original thought” muscle gets weaker every time. Don’t accept anything at face value – think for yourself, and create new thought.
  • Be positive:
    Positivity creates a bias for production and innovation. Negativity destroys – it kills confidence, and encourages yourself and others to stop producing for fear of judgment and failure.

Become [yourself], The Creator. Start somewhere small – put a blog up, or pick up a new hobby. Eliminate consumption from your life – TV, movies, trash entertainment from the media monolith. As you do, replace each destructive habit with a new, productive one. Soon you will be creating in every facet of your life.

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