Information Is Power

Have you ever given thought to what you know? How you know what you know? Why you know it?

We get what we know from two sources:

  • Objective Experience
    What you’ve done yourself, or seen with your own eyes, and
  • Information
    What others have told you.

As the universe is far too broad for you to experience everything yourself, the majority of what you know is what others have told you. From learning ABCs as an infant, to high school history, to what your parents teach you, to what you get from the news. 99% of your whole understanding of the world comes from others. Information from others, verified or unverified, is the basis for our realities.

Information Is Power

Your reality – not just your understanding of the world, but everything from your thoughts to how you live day to day – is mediated by all the information you’ve ever been exposed to. What other people have told you throughout your life is your reality. Whoever gives you information has the power to alter your reality.

Kim Jong Il

Your reaction to this image will be profoundly different depending on whether you were raised in North Korea or the United States. A North Korean will recognize their (former) Supreme Leader, an almost God-like man that inspired fear and reverence in his people. Being in his presence might bring you to tears. You would never think of criticizing him, even after his death – which brought 100 days of national mourning. The man was his country.

You, of course, will recognize the crazed despot Kim Jong-Il. A man who murdered dissidents, further isolated his country from the world, launched delusional nuclear weapons tests, and led to unprecedented famine and suffering.

North Korea controls the information its people can see, and they end up with the first worldview we examined. You, of course, know better. But that is their reality, from birth to death.  Controlling information is controlling the mind.

The information you have is your reality. So: who controls your information?

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