Society’s Degradation Begins Physically

There is a major link between the strange and destructive behaviors we have as a society, and our collective physical deterioration.

Societal Mental Health

Our society’s collective mental health is in disarray. We see widespread incidence of disorders even among children. Kids with ages in the single digits are on prescription medication for things like ADD. The use of antidepressants is common, and increasing all the time.

Our civic discourse has decayed along with our mental health. Things have rarely seemed so hysterical in so many different ways. Practically every field has some major controversy, some kind of witch-hunt. We’re fighting ghosts half of the time, yet cannot help but keep stabbing at air even when we don’t connect. The President is a stooge, the Deep State is plotting a coup, no music can be played for fear of oppressing people, and the Pope is a mole.

It’s easy to dismiss some of the crazy headlines we see as “clickbait”, and that they are. But can you imagine seeing these headlines in a newspaper even 10 years ago? What once fell only into the realm of tabloids is now the stuff you might see from the New York Times, a government department, or university publications.

It Begins With The Body

It is no coincidence that we have degraded physically as this happened. Men are less strong than they have ever been. The population is so overweight as to look deformed. Can you imagine showing a photo of what we look like now to someone in the 50s or 60s? It would be like looking at the blob-form humans from WALL-E is to us now.

WALL-E humans

This picture looks rather prophetic, doesn’t it? Does it seem more likely, right now, that we’ll return to normally-proportioned bodies, or begin to resemble those things?

The mental degradation of our society begins with our physical degradation. Most people are out of shape and weaker than their parents. Our diets are addictive and harmful. Our hormones have been devastated, with government subsidy. We don’t sleep properly. We don’t move properly. We don’t breathe properly.

All our physical systems link to the brain. Is it any wonder we aren’t thinking properly?

We’re nearing an inflection point as a society, entering a time of tremendous upheaval. For the next version of our society to be even moderately sane, we need a return to focusing on physical health. For the sake of our mental health.

And I’d wager healthcare wouldn’t be such a big deal either.

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