What Are You Signaling To Yourself?

At any given moment, what are you signaling to yourself? What we do in the now predicts what we will do in the future.

Time Is Money


What you are doing at any given moment is signaling to yourself. Time is a finite resource; we’re given a certain section of the universe’s time arc to live our lives in, and nothing more or less.

Each and every moment is valuable. Certainly, part of the value comes from time being a scarce resource. We’ve all heard the maxim “time is money”. But the other side of this is that each moment is a communication to ourselves of how we will spend the rest of our time.

Signaling To Yourself

Your mind and body are designed to respond to signals you give in the present about how the future will play out.

If you go to the gym and lift a heavy weight, you’re signaling to yourself. The signal says: something heavy is being lifted. The body calculates that this will probably happen again in the future, and that it should be better prepared. So our biological systems allocate resources to muscle growth.

If you go to the bar and get blackout drunk, you’re also signaling to yourself. The signal says: a strong poison is being ingested. The body calculates that it should be better prepared for future poisoning. And so you develop an alcohol tolerance, and next time it will take more poison to get to the same level of intoxication.

As with all information, repetition is the key. The more your self-signals are repeated, the more prepared you become. But this works in reverse, too. Take a couple weeks off lifting weight, and you’ll come back to find that your body has stopped allocating resources to maintaining strength. Take a couple weeks off alcohol or another drug, and you’ll find that your tolerance is no longer there.

Superior Signaling

What are you signaling to yourself? Every moment is an investment in your future, communicated to yourself through signaling.

Spend all your time bullshitting on social media, and that’s what your body prepares itself for. Spend all your time smoking weed, and your body spends resources developing a tolerance.

Superior signaling involves telling your mind and body: we will be doing this more often.

That means actually doing the work, instead of repeating mirages in your head. If you struggle to get through books, just commit to cutting the groove. It’ll get easier over time. If you want to be big and strong, you need to actually lift. Even if it’s light weight or light work, it sends the signal to the body. We will be doing this more often. We will be doing this more often. Prepare for next time.

This cuts both ways. If you spend most of your time destroying instead of creating, you become a destroyer. You become a debtor. Your resources are invested on harming yourself and your prospects.

Your mind and body are ready to help you achieve anything. But you need to signal where you’re headed. Point upwards.

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